About St. Joseph Partners

We are an investment boutique that helps our clients navigate through today's treacherous environment. We do so with confidence because we rely on investments that have stood the test of time as the cornerstone of client portfolios rather than on the latest fads from Wall Street. We help our clients source physical gold, silver, and other precious metals globally to protect their net worth. We believe that the most important investment decision of our generation is at hand – Are you positioned to prosper from the inevitable changes resulting from America's foolish debt?

St. Joseph Partners believes we stand on the threshold of a new paradigm that will transform virtually every facet of life for the American family. One major transformation that has already begun is the transition of America's currency from its status as global bedrock to a currency that may be unwanted by many. History suggests that such a transition is unavoidable given our unpayable national debt and staggering deficits, but like all cycles this mega-trend creates great opportunity. Virtually every financial firm in the nation says that things are different today, but are you positioned differently for this new paradigm? Or do you sit just talking about the changed landscape with the same basic portfolio allocation that you have had from the 80's & 90's?

St. Joseph focuses on helping investors take the three simple steps necessary to improve their financial security and give them peace of mind: We take the "overwhelm" out of what they need to do, then show them how to do it, and finally leave the realm of talk and theory by setting them on a course positioned to prosper from today's macro trends.

Why did we choose the name St. Joseph Partners? In a world where investment success is often fleeting and sound financial advice can be difficult to discern, millennia after his death Joseph’s role in finance remains as one of history’s oldest recorded gold custodians.

Beyond being a good steward for the capital entrusted to his care, history points to Joseph’s ability to navigate a treacherous landscape. In the face of a government that was consumed by its self-interests and its desire to remain in power, Joseph protected his family and assets from tyranny. He recognized the moment when he needed to exit his homeland given government hostility and correctly recognized the right time to return home. He likely funded his journey into Africa and his sustenance while there with gold and early manuscripts described him not as a carpenter but as an “artisan” suggesting more links to gold.

While Joseph’s accomplishments may be largely forgotten by Americans, he bridges the gap among cultures as few can. His role as protector over some of history’s most noteworthy individuals is still legendary among Muslims who observe he was the one man chosen to protect the Koran’s holiest woman. Joseph’s accomplishments further cut across cultures as one of the only figures from history to die a Jew yet was sainted by Christianity. And within Christianity and its broad universe of saints, he will be forever unique – the one man from history’s 40 billion men chosen to stand guard at Bethlehem.


Drew Mason


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