Sell Your Gold for a Better Price

As Fidelity Magellan's Peter Lynch highlighted in his best-selling financial text books, Americans will check multiple stores for prices when they want to buy an appliance, but rarely spend the same effort or time regarding a more valuable investment decision!!!

Don't just sell your gold to the nearest jewelry dealer – Too often retail stores offer notoriously low bids. Find out what they would bid you for your gold and then contact us. This is YOUR gold – Take a few minutes to learn how some of the efficiencies of internet synergies help the little gold owner when it comes time to sell. We are told we bid 50% over local dealers when we buy jewelry and other forms of gold from customers.

Tell us what trinkets you are looking to sell, where we can reach you and we will confirm our bid to you within a day. We'll give you a free shipping number to send us your gold if we don't have a location near you, and wire your money or send you a check whichever you prefer the day after we receive your gold. All packages are tracked, insured and opened under video recording for your protection.

Special arrangements made for estate sales. We pay referral bonuses for introductions to estate lots as well as for individual sales. There is no obligation - Reach out to us today for a free quote on your gold!