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We would be honored to serve you should you desire to invest in precious metals. Once you set up an account you can buy precious metals, ready for delivery, on our website, 24 hours / day, six days per week. If you prefer to have a member of our team call you and talk through any questions you may have, email us at info@StJosephPartners.com or call us at 610.326.2000 or click the button below to request a consultation with a wealth specialist.

Investors and their families have been using physical gold and physical silver for centuries to preserve their wealth and fortify their futures. This has proven particularly valuable during times of excessive debts and political uncertainty like we face today.

Many of us were alive during the 1970’s when the US decoupled the dollar from gold. Did you realize that since then investors who diversified some of their wealth in gold saw the metal rise in value relative to the dollar by over 40x while those who saved in cash saw wealth saved in paper dollar’s decline by over 70%? Such dismal performance by paper currencies in preserving wealth is not a new phenomenon. It has been repeated on every continent of the world as governments print more money than they can afford, triggering a wealth transfer from paper currencies into physical gold.

To help you learn more about protecting your wealth in gold, here are a few short videos that we have made about the metals, about our firm and about specifically investing in physical gold through an IRA. We hope you find these videos informative as well as enjoyable:

For over a decade we have assisted investors with our exclusive focus on precious metals and we look forward to serving you. Thank you again for your interest - We’ll deliver on your trust.