June 2022


June 25, 2022 - A New Dawn In America

Thank you so much for your efforts to fast each week. Although in the thousands, we are just a tiny fragment of the believers who fast weekly for the restoration and renewal of America, land that we


FEASTing Reminder: Today Is A Feast

Although the world desperately needs fasting, yesterday, today and tomorrow come together to arrange a triduum of feasts that do not grace these days of June every year.


Your Small Gift To God Will Last Forever

Are you ready to fast? Does it make you smile, (just a little bit?) that today, the small effort that you make is going to wreak havoc among the spiritual forces of darkness?


A Husband Is Inspired By His Wife's Example

A friend recently commented about a trait that he admires so much in his wife. He made the point that what she does is really an obligation for all of us as believers. I wanted to pass his perspecti


Tampa Bay Rays of Hope

Thank you again to everyone who participated with us last week on our Esther Fast leading up to Pentecost Sunday. We believe the world has changed since your effort. Most people alive 2,000 years ago

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