Sacrifice Undermines Selfishness

"When you pray, pray first for the Holy Spirit because when you have the Holy Spirit, you have everything."        - Medjugorje April 4, 1985

"You have forgotten that through prayer and fasting you can avert wars and suspend the laws of nature."       - Medjugorje Dec. 2, 1982


Dear Fasting Warriors,


Do not let evil deceive you into thinking you are alone - We are an army of fasting warriors from coast to coast across this great land, be us 80 years old, out of work or whatever our present situation in life. Many of you have been fasting with us for years while many others are just joining us. Everyone though, veterans and newbies,  should understand by now what a small sacrifice it is to fast on bread and water. It is the eyes of faith though, that spur us on to continue to make the sacrifice week after week when spiritual sloth could easily advise us to just forget it. 


The eyes of faith recall Jesus’ 40 day training fast in the desert prior to His masterful encounter with the devil. At his nadir of physical strength, He was at the zenith of spiritual strength. 


The eyes of faith recall the salvation of the Jewish nation when Esther called for a serious spiritual maneuver of a no food/no water fast for three days. And the nation was saved.


The eyes of faith recall Jonah who could have cared less about the people to whom he was preaching. Yet somehow, his wan words provoked a profound repentance of fasting, sackcloth and ashes, and God reversed His decision to annihilate the city of Nineveh.  


Jesus answered those who queried Him about His lack of weekly fasting practice by telling them that His disciples would start to fast after He left. We know from the Didache that they did, and so we, as disciples of Christ, fast as He indicated we would. 


Yes, we fast, but…do you ever wonder how fasting works? Why this practice and not another? How does fasting change anything in the spiritual world at all?


The answer lies in the word “sacrifice.” Sacrifice overcomes selfishness. A marriage made up of two competing selfish interests lasts just a wisp of time compared to a marriage based on mutual sacrifice for the other. Sacrificial marriages endure. 


A selfish spouse is convicted when confronted with a spouse who sacrifices. Suddenly selfishness seems…well…just so selfish. Sacrifice always wins the heart. It is just a matter of time.


Now, look at the heart of evil, the devil. He had the hubris to think of himself like God-the absurdity of it is astounding. He is vain and prideful like a ludicrous drag queen. He wants to be feared and admired. His minions shamefully flaunt their sinful lives with flags and banners as if they are proud of their wickedness. No one is fooled though, because the eyes of faith know they these are deeply hurt and wounded individuals. A look of disgust or disapproval emboldens them to taunt the devout heart even more. But sacrifice….sacrifice accomplishes much more. Sacrifice eviscerates inflated pride.


Fr Dwight Longenecker has this to say in his book Immortal Combat:


  Just as satan cannot understand the power of being small, so he can never understand self-sacrifice. As a fallen angel, he made his choice for pride and self aggrandizement. For all eternity, this is his decision. He may look on self sacrifice and wonder at it, but he can never comprehend it. Therefore, every action of self-sacrifice, no matter how small, is a sword thrust into satan’s heart. This is the underlying principle of fasting and all forms of asceticism.


Think of our fasting, our sacrifice of our wants and desires for plentiful quantity and variety of food, to be the antidote to evil in the world. Can you see its effects? Sometimes. A spouse fasting for his or her spouse in an acrimonious situation can wholly undermine the division of selfish stances. Sometimes not. One might fast for the poor deluded souls who are proudly shouting their abortion. In God’s economy, God knows where to make the deposit, and we might never know about it…until we arrive in heaven. Then we will be flabbergasted to be reminded that our fast, our pause for a moment of prayer, our hour of adoration for another person was recorded in our Book of Life. We might have forgotten, but God? Never. 


Remember, the spirit of Sloth is not your friend. So not only do you push that evil spirit aside, but you can smile to know that evil hates the fact you are waking up on a fast day.



Why We Fast – Our Core Fasting Intentions

1) For the Holy Spirit to reign down upon America renewing our land as the Christian, capitalist meritocracy we were founded to be.

2) For the protection of our police, firefighters, military and their families from harm and that the Lord bless their courageous generosity on our behalf one hundredfold.

3) For the protection of the families who fast with us, and for God’s blessings of abundance upon them and that true to His word, we will be able to witness that He prospered us in famine.

Would you like to learn more about fasting?

We maintain a repository of ideas and information we have learned over the last decade while fasting weekly for America. From scientific studies on the benefits of fasting, to the differences between intermittent dieting vs intermittent fasting, to scriptural references regarding the power of fasting to the history of first century Christians who stated believers are obligated to fast weekly, we hope you will find numerous insights with our free resource located here.

Together let us also implore Heaven while fasting for intentions you have highlighted:

4) For Mike Lindell who is putting himself on the front lines suing over the election fraud that has taken place and for all of the warriors who are stepping up around the nation to fight for the gospel – May The Father cover them in the blood of our savior,  protect them and their families from evil and bring victory to their endeavors.

5) For priests, ministers and all who aspire to lead others to the Lord, that the Holy Spirit will reign down upon them as at Pentecost filling them to overflowing with an understanding of what the Lord wants, courage and the desire to preach what He would have them preach and protection and strength from all evil that comes against them. 

6) For the Americans jailed after January 6th who were admitted to the Capitol building by the police, and who were not found to have destroyed any property at the capitol yet who have been held captive ever since on our own soil - That God's Spirit will move quickly to bring justice back to this land by freeing them while enlightening Americans how to bring God's justice back to our nation.

7) For young Megan who has an incurable liver condition @ Duke Hospital - Asking the Divine Physician for a complete healing.

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