A Week Ago, We Did Not Even Know What Darnel Mean

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"When you pray, pray first for the Holy Spirit because when you have the Holy Spirit, you have everything."        - Medjugorje April 4, 1985

"You have forgotten that through prayer and fasting you can avert wars and suspend the laws of nature."       - Medjugorje Dec. 2, 1982


Today, the most studied passage from the Old Testament worldwide was from the book of Daniel. What was on the Spirit’s mind today?  The passage included verse 3:37


37 For we are reduced, O Lord, beyond any other nation, brought low everywhere in the world this day because of our sins.


Scripture tells us there is nothing new under the sun, and just as we study this passage recounting the struggles of God’s believers from millennia ago, this is an assessment of the church and America today. 


The Jews were failing on all fronts and losing what should have been easy battles. Scripture could not be clearer – the ultimate cause was “because of our sins”. We are largely oblivious to our sins because our deception was sewn by clergy and political leaders we trusted. 


On February 25, a message was given to the world from Medjugorje that spoke to this truth. Realize that in 2000 years of history since our Lord walked the Earth, never before has the Catholic Church approved an apparition before its conclusion and before the promised miracles materialized as it has in Medjugorje. It is on one level imprudent for the church to have reversed its millennia-old policy and approved the initial apparitions of Medjugorje already. Which begs the question – what was Benedict seeing that led him down this path of unprecedented approval?


Could it have been that as Benedict evaluated evil’s grip on the church he worried satan’s worshipers disguised in bishops’ collars may try to renounce Medjugorje? Could he have been concerned such a renunciation would prevent Medjugorje’s insights from penetrating more deeply into the hearts of Christians worldwide? Consider last week’s message:


“… Pray and renew your heart so that the good which you have sown may bear the fruit of joy and oneness with God. Darnel has seized many hearts and they have become unfruitful; that is why, you little children, be light, love and my outstretched hands in this world which yearns for God Who is love…”

Darnel is the weed that is planted among golden wheat as described by Jesus in his parables. Darnel is what satan sneaks into the church and disseminates in the form of false teachings.  At first satan’s teachings sound reasonable, usually covered in evil’s favorite distortion of “love”  that really is not love at all.


Think about darnel as being anything social justice in the church, leading the focus of believers away from the first commandment - away from the gospel of repentance and instead focusing on the gospel of Judas, i.e. focusing on people.

So let us redouble our focus to take back the church with repentance which is most important to the Lord. As was the case for Israel, our repentance will be what unlocks the blessings of restoration upon our nation.  And as the passage from Daniel continued today, here is our prayer Lord - that our little prayers rise to heaven meritorious as if we offered you a sacrifice of thousands of lambs with our contrition:


9But with contrite heart and humble spirit let us be received; 40As though it were holocausts of rams and bullocks, or thousands of fat lambs, So let our sacrifice be in your presence today as we follow you unreservedly.

Below is a link to a podcast that delved deeply into this message from Medjugorje.  Among other thoughtful points the speaker makes, he replays a dialogue that was recorded between an exorcist and demons.  As one of the demons admits, it is devastating to evil when clergy preach of satan’s reality, let alone the pain of hell. How good it is for us to appreciate the gravity of these topics while there is time to repent.


Thank you for fasting with us tomorrow. You’ll be glad you made the effort for all of eternity.



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Why We Fast – Our Core Fasting Intentions

1) We add the new fasting intention of taking back the church from evil. We submit the three-step process to achieve this victory is 1-Repent, 2-Prayer & Fasting and, 3-Imitate our Savior by throwing the evil leadership from the church. We will seek to emulate the Savior in our effort to End The USCCB, an organization that has been devastating to the church.  (“You shall know the spirit by the fruits” - Matt. 7:16)

2) For the Holy Spirit to reign down upon America, renewing our land as the Christian, capitalist meritocracy we were founded to be.

3) For the protection of our police, firefighters, military and their families from harm and that the Lord bless their courageous generosity on our behalf.

4) For the protection of the families who fast with us, and for God’s blessings of abundance upon them and that true to His word, we will be able to witness that He prospered us in famine.

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Together let us also implore Heaven while fasting for intentions you have highlighted:

4) For all patriots who put themselves on the front lines in combatting evil and for all of the warriors who are stepping up around the nation to fight for the gospel – May The Father cover them in the blood of our savior,  protect them and their families from evil and bring victory to their endeavors.

5) For priests, ministers and all who aspire to lead others to the Lord, that the Holy Spirit will reign down upon them as at Pentecost filling them to overflowing. 

6) For the Americans jailed after January 6th who were admitted to the Capitol building by the police, and who were not found to have destroyed any property at the capitol yet who have been held captive ever since on our own soil - That God's Spirit will move quickly to bring justice back to this land and free them.

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