Centuries Ago, The Lord Planned Who You Would Bump Into Today

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“If you … witness courageously, the truth will miraculously win.” – Medjugorje June 2, 2015

"When you pray, pray first for the Holy Spirit because when you have the Holy Spirit, you have everything."        - 
Medjugorje April 4, 1985


Today the most studied gospel passage in the world was from Mark chapter 9, and included verses 33–34:


And they came to Caper'na-um; and when he was in the house he asked them, "What were you discussing on the way?" 34But they were silent; for on the way they had discussed with one another who was the greatest.


The apostles were embarrassed at how they had been bickering when Jesus gently confronted them. Up until that moment the apostles naively thought Jesus had not known what they were doing every moment in time.  Human insecurities came bubbling to the surface as Jesus’ leaders tried to make their importance felt.


As it relates to the apostles’ example as to how they treated one another in this passage, perhaps instead we can call to mind that every person we meet today was a meeting arranged by the Lord.  Our seemingly chance meetings are not any more chance than seemingly coincidental encounters in scripture.


The person who we held the door for, the person who checked you out of the store, the person in the elevator, the person you passed on the street… God‘s precision planning means there were no coincidences with your day today.


What would our report card be though from those fleeting encounters?


Did we fulfill His expectations of us as believers with all of those encounters, today?


Perhaps we can aspire to win great graces.  Perhaps we can avoid acting like the apostles in this passage. Instead of mentally telling ourselves how much better, smarter, or more fit we are with nicer clothes, nicer car, etc. … What if …


What if … we rise to the occasion the Holy Spirit calls us to, and rather than noting the shortcomings of others, we prayed for the person?  Asking the Holy Spirit to help them with whatever seemed so glaringly in need about the person be it fashion inspiration, better health, or perhaps success with whatever task they are struggling with.


Imagine how different that will sound to heaven and how much more pleasing that would surely be if we crossed the threshold of prayer. Imagine the impact if we actually prayed “Holy Spirit help him with his limp” or “Holy Spirit help him to find a better job” or “Holy Spirit help him to take better care of himself”.  Your casual spontaneous prayer will make more of an impact than will be apparent to our eyes and may be life-changing for the recipient of your prayer.


Thank you for fasting with us tomorrow – you’ll be glad you made the effort for all of eternity.

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Why We Fast – Our Core Fasting Intentions

1) We add the new fasting intention of taking back the church from evil. We submit the three-step process to achieve this victory is 1-Repent, 2-Prayer & Fasting and, 3-Imitate our Savior by throwing the evil leadership from the church. We will seek to emulate the Savior in our effort to End the USCCB, an organization that has been devastating to the church.  (“You shall know the spirit by the fruits” - Matt. 7:16)

2) For the Holy Spirit to reign down upon America, renewing our land as the Christian, capitalist meritocracy we were founded to be.

3) For the protection of our police, firefighters, military and their families from harm and that the Lord bless their courageous generosity on our behalf.

4) For the protection of the families who fast with us, and for God’s blessings of abundance upon them and that true to His word, we will be able to witness that He prospered us in famine.

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Together let us also implore Heaven while fasting for intentions you have highlighted:

4) For all patriots who put themselves on the front lines in combatting evil and for all of the warriors who are stepping up around the nation to fight for the gospel – May The Father cover them in the blood of our savior,  protect them and their families from evil and bring victory to their endeavors.

5) For priests, ministers and all who aspire to lead others to the Lord, that the Holy Spirit will reign down upon them as at Pentecost filling them to overflowing. 

6) For the Americans jailed after January 6th who were admitted to the Capitol building by the police, and who were not found to have destroyed any property at the capitol yet who have been held captive ever since on our own soil - That God's Spirit will move quickly to bring justice back to this land and free them.

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