From Wall Street Banker To Exorcist

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"I wish to keep on giving you messages, as it has never been in history, from the beginning of the world"                                                                                                  -  Medjugorje April 4, 1985

"The only attitude of the Christian toward the future is hope of salvation. Those who think only of wars, evils, punishment do not do well."                                             -  Medjugorje  1982 


Today, the most studied psalm in the world was the 23rd. It seems a number of believers needed pick-me-ups so don’t think you are alone if you did.


It begins:


The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.


What a wonderful image isn’t it?


If you have ever had a little animal and cared for it – think about how the animal was so unable to fend for itself. How fortunate was the animal that you protected it, nourished it and loved it. It is not a coincidence that we can become so attached to these little creatures who never add a penny to our wealth, or an insight to our homework let alone do any productive chores.


But we just love them, we love having them around – they bring us joy.


That sums up our relationship with Jesus.  He is so happy to care for you, carry you on his shoulders, protect you and lead you to safety. As He says, His yoke is easy and His burden light. Expect that He will be good to his word.  Expect this truth in your life:


I know the plans I have for you… Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope in the future - Jeremiah 29, 11.


satan attacks you and tries to deceive you into thinking God has sent you your travails. In reality Jesus holds out His hand inviting you to surrender to Him. If we do, He will protect us as a shepherd just as David, who had a heart like Jesus’, fiercely protected his sheep.


The psalm continues with verse two:


He maketh me to lie down in green pastures


Over 20 translations all suggest like the king James version He “makes“ me lie down in green pastures. How wonderful – in a world that is so frantic, your shepherd makes you rest and places you down in a field of green grass.  You are bathed in warm sunlight as a beautiful breeze washes over you. He is telling you how much you are loved and not to worry about finances or whatever else is weighing on your heart.


Expect great blessings to come your way.


Here is a link to an amazing story of a boy who had horrific experiences with the church, and understandably decided he would leave and never return. He went to Wall Street and became a successful banker. Once while spending part of his summer vacationing on the coast of Amalfi however, the globetrotting partygoer agreed to visit Medjugorje with a female friend. Upon arriving, the New Yorker decided he would leave town as soon as he could get his friend settled in to stay by herself.


By the following morning though, the Wall Street banker was so overpowered by grace that he did not want to leave.


Not only did he become a priest, but he is now an exorcist, battling with evil as Medjugorje councils us to do. The son of a firefighter from New York, we think you will find his story extraordinary and uplifting just as we did.


Tomorrow as you fast, know you are voluntarily taking up your cross as Jesus said. Everyone would rather have full meals on Wednesdays and Fridays. This little cross that we take on is, as Jesus promised, completely overshadowed by the blessings that come from a relationship with Him.


From Wall Street To Exorcist

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Why We Fast – Our Core Fasting Intentions

1) We add the new fasting intention of taking back the church from evil. We submit the three-step process to achieve this victory is 1-Repent, 2-Prayer & Fasting and, 3-Imitate our Savior by throwing the evil leadership from the church. We will seek to emulate the Savior in our effort to End The USCCB, an organization that has been devastating to the church.  (“You shall know the spirit by the fruits” - Matt. 7:16)

2) For the Holy Spirit to reign down upon America, renewing our land as the Christian, capitalist meritocracy we were founded to be.

3) For the protection of our police, firefighters, military and their families from harm and that the Lord bless their courageous generosity on our behalf.

4) For the protection of the families who fast with us, and for God’s blessings of abundance upon them and that true to His word, we will be able to witness that He prospered us in famine.

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Together let us also implore Heaven while fasting for intentions you have highlighted:

4) For all patriots who put themselves on the front lines in combatting evil and for all of the warriors who are stepping up around the nation to fight for the gospel – May The Father cover them in the blood of our savior,  protect them and their families from evil and bring victory to their endeavors.

5) For priests, ministers and all who aspire to lead others to the Lord, that the Holy Spirit will reign down upon them as at Pentecost filling them to overflowing. 

6) For the Americans jailed after January 6th who were admitted to the Capitol building by the police, and who were not found to have destroyed any property at the capitol yet who have been held captive ever since on our own soil - That God's Spirit will move quickly to bring justice back to this land and free them.

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