Old Testament Precursors To The Necessity Of The Eucharist

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"A Christian who does not fast is like a one legged soldier in battle-easy for evil to pick off"                                                                                                           -  Medjugorje via Ivan Dragicevic

"The Mass is the greatest prayer of God. You will never be able to understand its greatness"

                                                                                                                -  Medjugorje  1983 


Many Christians say that they don’t need to go to church, that they can worship God in nature.


On the one hand, this is so true!


In Medjugorje, the Mother of the Redeemer even went so far as to instruct us to go out into nature and pray, seeking God in nature as Jesus Himself would do regularly.


However it is also true that Jesus’ last command and arguably we could say His command performance, came at the last supper when he ordered us to celebrate the Eucharist. Speaking in the imperative our savior commanded:


Do this in memory of me. - Luke 22:19


And so, while some Christians deride the Eucharist as a ritual promoted by organizations simply to maintain power and as a prayer that is unnecessary in their spiritual formation, if we are surrendering to Jesus such an indifferent view towards the Eucharist is impossible to rationalize.


The evidence for the importance of the Eucharist flows through in the new testament as we see first century Christians clearly praying in this manner.  Writings of other early believers that are not included as the Bible currently is arranged, also support the reality that those who walked with Jesus felt the Eucharist imperative to Christianity.


As Christians who practice in the Catholic Church (Please pray for the conversion of Catholics dear protestant brothers and sisters!) one cannot help but observe the implosion of importance on the Eucharist and the lack of reference currently given it. Perhaps most egregiously any casual observer can witness the ignorance of Catholics who receive the Eucharist when they are not in the state of grace, a sin that Saint Paul said “brings condemnation on our heads”.


Catholics it would be laughable were it not so tragic how our bishops have rewritten scripture to lead believers away from truth. Consider the New Catholic Bible translation of 1 Cor 11:29:


 29 For a person who eats and drinks without discerning the body of the Lord is eating and drinking judgment on himself.


In contrast consider the clarity of the King James translation of this verse:


 For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself


Compare also the clarity of the King James version above with the Douay Rheims translation, the Catholic translation used for centuries until the 1960’s when catholic bishops ambushed their flock:


For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself 


As usual, the Douay Rheims and the King James are in harmony and state what heaven has repeatedly revealed since scriptures were compiled - reception of the Eucharist when not in a state of grace is as tortuous for the Lord as Good Friday was to Him.


Below is a link to another talk given by Reverend Jonathan Meyer, who we highlighted recently for his words from scripture that command us to confess our sins to one another.  


All protestants who practice the Eucharist in their denominations as well as those protestants who do not currently practice the Eucharist in their churches will want to be aware of the Old Testament connections to the Eucharist Meyer highlights.


He brilliantly traces the foundation of the Eucharist all the way back to the sacrifice of Able, highlights how Jesus clearly established a new priesthood that was distinct from the tribe of Levi which had been the only tribe allowed to offer sacrifice, and numerous ties to Abraham.


And in a very timely comparison as holy week comes into focus, Meyer speaks of the extraordinary precursor of Passover where believers were only spared death if they ate the flesh of the lamb and had the blood of the lamb on their lintel.


Perhaps set a reminder to watch this video on Sunday as you seek the Lord during the sabbath? Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with wisdom to know what is true, and whether this emphasis on the Eucharist is warranted is from Him or simply a manmade power grab as some believers practice.


In conclusion, let us reference Medjugorje once again, because it is an extraordinary set of data points that if from heaven, give insights that may be unobtainable elsewhere in Christianity. Let us continue to be cognizant of Medjugorje because no other evangelization effort today from any church can hold a candle to the number of conversions it has triggered. There the same woman who told us to go out into nature to pray also tells us to make the Eucharist the center of our lives.


To the best of our knowledge, the only time in millennia this woman has ever spoken down to us revolved around the Eucharist – we will never understand its unique benefits. She is suggesting it is simply impossible for humanity to appreciate what it means to receive Jesus in this unique way. Apparently receiving the eucharist is just as special a grace as it was when she received Jesus into her womb at the wedding feast of the Holy Spirit.


Thank you for fasting with us today – you’ll be glad you made the effort for all of eternity


Old Testament Eucharistic Foreshadowing & Jesus' Command To Celebrate the Eucharist

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