Silver's Rise in Price Reaches a Three Year High

Praised be Jesus!

With the economy struggling due to inflation and the mismanaged debt crisis in our country, we highlight news headlines of the fallout and stories of how to protect yourself from this demise. So far in 2024, precious metals are experienciong major shifts, with silver rising and gold outpreforming stocks.

Silver is Rising To a Three-Year High, a Long Bull Market May Be Close Behind.
  • Forecasts indicate a fourth consecutive yearly deficit in global silver supplies and a surge in demand to near-record levels. 
  • Silver prices rise for sixth straight session, reaching highest level in nearly 3 years. 
  • May silver contract settles at $27.25/ounce, up 9.4% for the week, highest since June 16, 2021.

Gold is Shining Brighter Than Stocks in 2024
  • Gold outperforms stocks in 2024, with a 12% increase compared to S&P 500's 10% gain. 
  • Expected to surpass S&P 500 by widest margin since 2022. 

  NY Mets Owner and Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager 
  • David Einhorn, the President and Founder of Greenlight Capital, significantly increased the firm's gold holdings as a hedge against fiscal policies, including $74 million in physical Gold. 
  • Einhorn expresses concerns about potential reacceleration of inflation and doubts significant rate cuts by the Federal Reserve this year. 
  • Despite expected minimal rate cuts, gold rallies to record highs above $2,300/ounce, fueled partly by anticipation of new easing cycle, supported by recent U.S. data showing core personal consumption expenditures price index exceeding Fed's inflation target. 

Nasdaq's Bull Run: A Narrow Path Led by Tech Giants
  • Nasdaq's strong run might be slowing down, with signs that only a handful of big companies are driving the gains. 
  • The Nasdaq's advance-decline line has been dropping since January, indicating fewer stocks are joining the rally, despite some big companies doing great. 
  • Stay cautious of the rises and fall of stocks each day.  

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