Three Dips- It Is Time To Protect Your Wealth

Praise be Jesus!

There is a shift in the investment market.  Investors are selling stock to put money in longer term bonds- Do not follow this trend!

An inverted yield curve is a phenomenon in the bond market where long-term interest rates are less than short-term interest rates. This means that debt with longer maturities typically carries lower interest rates than nearer-term ones. The yield curve inversion has historically been considered a reliable indicator of an upcoming recession.

According to recent data, the 2-year and 10-year Treasury yields have been inverted since early July 2022, marking the longest inversion on record. When they flip, or invert, it’s widely regarded as a bad sign for the economy.



As you can see in the second graph, there are three significant times when an extended Yield Curve Inversion happened in history: 1929, 1974, and 2008.  Each of these inversions proceeded an economic crash. 
The time to protect your wealth is now.  Among top investment firms, we are also seeing hedge fund managers move their own wealth to the safe haven of gold. 



Call us. We will help you with every step of the process, whether you wish to invest your retirement assets in gold or have them delivered to a location of your choosing. We will explain the process so that you understand and experience what others already have. Allocating to gold is a simple process yet a major step forward in protecting your most important assets—those you love most.  
God bless, and God bless America.

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