Time to Rethink Portfolios: JPMorgan CEO's Warning & Real Estate Banking Crisis

Market Update: Monday, February 5, 2024


Praised be Jesus! 

Amidst a flurry of headlines this week, three stories surfaced of which you should be aware, as it relates to your investments during this critical moment in American history. We maintain the view that investors who fail to diversify their money outside of the financial system and into physical gold may regret it for generations. 

First, JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, issued a stark warning about potential market rebellion due to the U.S. financial markets. The current debt-to-GDP ratio is at 100%, and projected to reach 130% by 2035, which poses a significant risk. Dimon’s alarm comes as the U.S. government added a mind-boggling $2.64 trillion to the national debt in 2023 alone, pushing it beyond $34 trillion. For the CEO of what is arguably the most influential financial firm in the nation to be speaking with such candor and alarm should make all investors, especially those heavily reliant on financial assets, rethink the balance of their portfolios, given the debt issue and lackluster results of America's recent note auction. 

Secondly, following our previous market update on potential $1 trillion in pending real estate losses, New York Community Bank, once considered safe, admitted insolvency due to real estate loans, leading to a 40% stock decline. This challenges the misconception that dividend-paying stocks are safer, as we’ve heard is the ongoing advice from financial advisors, as NYCB cut its “safe” dividend by 70%. We anticipate more banks reporting similar problems, costing complacent investors billions.

In our opinion, financial regulators have again failed American investors as such material changes to banks’ asset quality should have been revealed long ago. Instead, these problems have been hidden from investors for months. It is our expectation that many more banks will report similar problems, costing complacent investors billions. 

Thirdly, recall our market update from last month where we highlighted David Webb’s expose revealing how ownership rights of financial assets have been severely weakened by recent law changes. Webb detailed changes to UCC laws that allow banks and brokerages to seize client assets for the greater good of society in times of financial stress. As incredulous as this may sound to you, if you still have faith in the integrity of financial institutions and markets, South Dakota became the first state to present a legislation acknowledging this threat is very real. The conclusion, again, is that it is prudent for investors to get some of their assets outside of the financial system. 

Finally away from finance, be aware that multiple sheriffs have gone on record encouraging citizens to be sure they own firearms to defend themselves. Believers, be prepared to protect your families in every way. We invite you to join us as we begin an Esther Fast today (Monday) through Wednesday, where we aspire to undertake a fast as Queen Esther did in Jewish Scripture – nothing to eat and nothing to drink for three days. It is a daunting endeavor, but one we are happy to attempt as we pray for the grace to repent. It was a prescription that brought immortal protection to the Jews when God’s believers were most vulnerable and slated for extermination. We expect this will bring protection to your family as well. 

So far in 2024, our sense from investor calls is that more Americans are realizing they need to do something

Like many Americans, you may feel overwhelmed by the scope of the problems and feel you don’t understand how to best protect your wealth, particularly in precious metals. 

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