Why Does Media Bother To Slander The Rosary? Part 2

"In prayer you shall perceive ... the way out of every situation that has no exit." 
Medjugorje March 28, 1985

"Do novenas of fasting and renunciation so that satan be far from you and grace be around you"                                                                                                             -  Medjugorje July 25, 2005


Good morning to our fellow spiritual detectives who like us, are searching to better understand the mystery of God and then worship Him when we find Him. 


Think of ourselves today as if we are at the scene of a spiritual hit and run and asking "why"... “what is motive” for the attack?


We are following up on our fasting note from Wednesday, after The Atlantic recently wrote a story attacking the rosary and linking it to terror cells.  


Here are some quotes from the original edition of The Atlantic’s review of the rosary. Just as social media takes down content on a whim, realize the Atlantic may whitewash its words and these quotes may not be in future revisions of the article:


[Quotes from the Atlantic are in bold]


“[The rosary is] a pathway to radicalization and real-world terrorist attacks.”




Hmm.  I guess they are thinking of the group of rosary carrying evangelists who hijacked planes with hundreds of passengers and flew the planes into buildings killing all on board? To state the obvious no rosary proponents have ever been accused of that. 


Perhaps it was the memory of the rosary carrying faithful who set up crucifixion camps and crucified women infidel who would not follow Jesus? Oh, that's right - they were Muslims who carried out that atrocity, not rosary promoting Christians. 


So come to think of it - we can't think of a time anyone who was promoting the rosary ever was accused of such things. So why attack it?


Unless... the mainstream media is not really looking to uncover truth but instead is seeking to promote an ungodly agenda?  Let’s keep that idea in the back of our minds as we reflect on more from the article:


These armed radical traditionalists have taken up a spiritual notion that the rosary can be a weapon in the fight against evil


The first implication is that only fools believe St. Paul’s words that evil is at war with believers trying to destroy all that is godly and those who honor the Lord.  Who are you going to believe, St. Paul or mainstream American media?  Us too.


Think about that statement again – Evil is showing its hand.  It is a priority to keep believers ignorant to the war vs. good so that evil can ambush believers more easily.


But think too of the second implication from that statement – the rosary isn’t of any value in the battle vs. evil.


Double Hmmmm … If the media is going to the effort of trying to make the rosary look like a fool’s water pistol, the reality may be that the rosary is as useful in the spiritual battle as a machine gun to a foot soldier.


The attempt to make people feel stupid for seeing value in the rosary as a spiritual weapon also calls to mind the words of an Italian monk known as Padre Pio. In our view he was on a plane with Mother Theresa and any other figure in the 20th century for the extraordinary spiritual experiences in his life – He died and was resurrected, his fellow friars testified to physical skirmishes with evil where evil became visible around him and he mysteriously bore the stigmata.


Did he ever pray the rosary? Daily.


How did he refer to the rosary from ground zero in our battle vs evil?


His weapon.


Continuing from the article

… The theologian and historian Massimo Faggioli has described a network of conservative Catholic bloggers and commentary organizations as a “Catholic cyber-militia” that actively campaigns against LGBTQ acceptance in the Church.


Evil almost always quotes a bishop or in this case a historian and theologian to impress readers that the media view is reasonable and spiritual. It rarely is.  So, what was their theologian so alarmed at?


Those who pray the rosary have a deep spiritual conviction that LGBTQ is evil. Imagine that – Catholics who actually agree with the bible?


So notice … to evil, those who pray the rosary are great adversaries because their eyes are wide open to opposing anti-God agendas. Why didn’t the Atlantic pick on any of the many protestant churches that do the same? Why bother to attack the two or three old ladies who huddle in the back of the church without the support of their priest and pray this dumb rosary?


After all the catholic bishops have succeeded in their goal of squashing the rosary in the catholic church – today more than 90% of catholic school graduates who have studied in catholic schools for 12 years (think about that – daily formation for 12 years!) don’t even know how to pray the rosary.


The rosary is already dying!  Isn’t it?


WHY BOTHER TO ATTACK THIS DUMB LITTLE PRACTICE THAT SO FEW FOLLOW? Could the rosary be that devastating to evil?


The Atlantic continues with the following. Try and catch all of God’s perspectives that are attacked in each verse, framing those who fear God and follow his ways as foolish and those who are pro-life as violent …


The militarism also glorifies a warrior mentality and notions of manliness and male strength. This conflation of the masculine and the military is rooted in wider anxieties about Catholic manhood


and anti-Catholic nativism runs deep in American history. Today, Catholics are a growing contingent of Christian nationalism.


deep veins of anti-Catholicism persist among far-right Protestants. (trying to foster division between very important allies)


Yet the convergence within Christian nationalism is cemented in common causes such as hostility toward abortion-rights advocates.


[The overturning of] Roe v. Wade, led to a profusion of social-media posts on the far right fantasizing about killing activists, and such forums responded to Pride month this year with extremist homophobic and transphobic “groomer” discourse.


Catholics are taught to love and forgive their enemies, that to do otherwise is a sin. But the extremist understanding of spiritual warfare overrides that command.


The “battle beads” culture of spiritual warfare permits radical-traditional Catholics literally to demonize their political opponents and regard the use of armed force against them (aka self defense) as sanctified.


Who else has worked to squash the rosary besides mainstream media and the USCCB?  Mao Tse-tung may have killed more people than Hitler and Stalin combined. Guess what he said was public enemy #1?


The Legion of Mary …  which promoted the biblical meditation of the rosary.


Isn’t that mind boggling?


One particular prayer was so threatening, that those who prayed the rosary were public enemy #1 to China?


It is also of note that the chief exorcist of Rome stated that in one exorcism the satanic spirit he was wrestling with admitted the rosary was like a bludgeon to the head of evil.


As you reflect on these consistencies from history and how evil hated the rosary while luminaries of Christianity saw value in it … the media attacks on the rosary start to make sense. Each rosary is such a powerful prayer, evil must try to eliminate it from Christian worship.


If we truly want to pray as God wants us to, we must consider the biblical mediation of the rosary – A prayer to God the Father, quoting him scripture. It most frequently quotes what is likely the Father’s favorite verse and the most unique moment in God’s history: “Hail full of grace – The Lord is with thee” … the birth announcement of His Son, and the wedding day of the Holy Spirit.


It continues “blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb” … the first proclamation of the gospel in history.


Protestant brothers – the rosary should not be a catholic prayer but a Christian prayer.


It would be a highlight of our year to help your church learn how to incorporate the rosary into your prayer life.  On Tuesday the most studied verse from the New Testament globally was 2 Thess .2:15

brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter.


There is value to tradition per the word itself. The Battle of Lepanto was when Christians defeated the muslim invasion of Europe.  The church credited the unlikely victory against massive odds to the rosary.


And to Catholics let us use the rosary as we battle the evil that seethes from within our church as we reclaim it just like we will reclaim America for Christianity.


Thank you for fasting with us today – You will be glad you made the effort for all of eternity.



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